IMG_0513Many of the people we serve come from backgrounds of alcohol and drug addiction, abusive relationships and broken families, fear and loneliness, and more. Along with shelter we offer a wholesome living environment and Christian counsel …. designed to help people build a joyful and successful life .… a life with integrity and character, healthy relationships, and a heart for helping others.

The area of service we feel called to is that of providing shelter for the homeless and others in desperate situations .… along with assistance for medical and dental needs, food, clothes, transportation, opportunities for Christian fellowship and growth, and more.

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It seems many people have an abundance of time, talent and treasure, and feel like we do. They want to help others in need …. but just don’t know who or where to help. They want their investment to count, and to make a real difference in people’s lives.

We believe in a God that loves and cares for us all.  And it’s out of the life Jesus modeled that Helping Hands was birthed…. a ministry of love and service to our fellow man.

We invite you to join with us .… in lending a helping hand to the homeless and hurting people in our community. We appreciate your consideration and any support of time, talent, or treasure you may want to give.