Special Needs

Sometimes we become aware of needs from those we are caring for that merit special mention. Below we have listed some “Special Needs” that you may want to consider assisting with.

  • Autos, Trucks, Scooters
  • Motel for emergency shelter for women and children
  • Trailers
  • Bicycles
  • Legal or attorney services
  • Assistance with dental care or medical care
  • Suntran bus passes
  • Cleaning supplies, Toiletries, Care packages
  • Bibles, Bible reference books
  • Job opportunities (call Pete at  598-9985 or email him at petewhirle@embarqmail.com) If you want to provide any of the above, please click the green “Sign Up!” button on the right and complete the contact information or call Tracy Rains at 352-732-4464.